Castelo de Vila Viçosa

Square-shaped castle surrounded by a moat and two cylindrical turrets. Access is via a classic Roman doorway. It is a rare example in the panorama of Portuguese military architecture, with the medieval fence, towers and doors coexisting with the Renaissance fortification. The Alcáçova dos Duques de Bragança stands out, with rooms with marble columns and ribbed vaults.


Rua Sacadura Cabral, 2
7160-209,Vila Viçosa


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Monuments near Castelo de Vila Viçosa

Cruzeiro do Carrascal

Punch one step, the Centre of which stands the base of enormous proportions formed by convex plinth. It has a Latin cross involved in arm larger and on the cru…

Antigo Convento de Nossa Senhora do Amparo

This was the convent of the order of Saint Paul Hermit and was built following the 16th-century urban expansion. It was composed by Church, chancel, cruise, sa…

Antigo Palácio dos Matos Azambuja

Former palace built in 1599, with a rectangular plan, with two floors and two bodies and a central courtyard, owned by the Matos Azambuja family. It later beca…

Busto de Florbela Espanca

Florbela Espanca was born in 1894 in Vila Viçosa. Was a writer and poet and his life is associated with various troubles, patents on his literary production an…

Convento das Chagas de Cristo

Second Order Franciscan Convent - Poor Clares. Rectangular in plan, it comprises a chancel, sacristy and cloister. Its collection is vast and includes interior…

Convento dos Agostinhos

Founded in the reign of King Afonso III, more precisely in 1267, it was dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Graça. Its destiny was to be the pantheon of the Dukes of…

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