Easter: Portuguese Recipes to Make at Home

This is the ideal year to have a homemade Easter. All About Portugal helps you with delicious recipes to put into pract…


Restaurants with Take Away in Porto

There are several restaurants that, although the rooms are closed, are open to the public for take-out or home delivery…


Smoked Meat in Portugal: A Tradition of Flavours

From Minho to the Algarve, and even the islands, there is a long tradition of high quality cured and smoked meat produc…

The 10 Most Beautiful Viewpoints in Lisbon

City of the seven hills, Lisbon offers urban views of undeniable beauty, between "hidden" gardens in the city centre an…

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Historic Center of Porto: 16 Points not to be missed

The Invicta City reveals its essence in the heart of its Historic Center. Dare to discover it.

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Where to Eat the Best Suckling Pig in Portugal

Inescapable on every visit to the Bairrada region, of which it is a trademark, the piglet has conquered new lands and c…


Lisbon: Romantic Walk in Belém

There are discoveries that are more special for two. The Belém area in Lisbon is one such case.


National Road 222: The most romantic road in Portugal

With the Alto Douro Wine Region as company, embark on this romantic road trip on the EN222, considered one of the most …


Porto: What to Do Alone on Valentine's Day

No company? No drama. On Valentine's Day, pamper yourself with these suggestions from All About Portugal.


Serra da Estrela Cheese Fairs: Keeping the Tradition Alive

The king of Portuguese cheeses is spoken and tasted throughout the year, but it is in the months of February and March …

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Blessed Rest: Sleeping in Old Convents

Sleeping in old convents is a unique experience, ideal for those looking to retemper energies. Come and discover these …


Restaurants with Live Music - Lisbon and Oporto

All About Portugal has selected a list of restaurants with live music and invites you to a fusion of rhythms and flavo…


Where to Play Bowling in Portugal - Group Activities

Liven up your free time while having fun with friends or family. Will he be able to strike and turn out to be a bowling…

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