The hidden nautical corners to discover in Portugal

It's never too early to start planning your holidays, and Portugal is an enchanting country full of hidden secrets and …


10 artisan bakeries and pastries in Porto city

If you are unfamiliar with the wonderful world of slow-fermented and sourdough bread, discover 10 artisanal bakeries an…


Boa Cama Boa Mesa Guide: discover the Platinum and Gold Forks

Discover the best restaurants in Portugal, awarded with Platinum and Gold Fork by the famous Guide Boa Cama Boa Mesa 20…

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Confraternities of Portugal: culture and tradition at the table

There are about a hundred confraternities in Portugal, created to perpetuate the uses, customs and traditions of gastro…


10 trekking routes to do in Central Portugal

There are many trekking routes to take in Central Portugal, from the coast to Serra da Estrela.

How to plan your trip to Portugal

Whether from the UK, Paris, Madrid, or even a Portuguese airport, traveling to Portugal has never been so easy.

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Richard Zimler: Jewish itinerary in Portugal in 8 stops

The well-known Portuguese-American novelist, Richard Zimler, who grew up in a Jewish family, lives in Lisbon and sugges…

Music festivals: discover the stages where magic happens

Discover the other side of the green spaces and other dream places that serve as the backdrop for the main music festiv…

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Hotels with water parks: entertainment for the whole family

Do you come back from vacation with your kids more tired than you went? We have the solution: hotels with water parks!

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25 amazing blue flag beaches in Portugal

Dive into our list: we have chosen the most desirable blue flag beaches of Portugal


Three routes to discover Lisbon by electric scooter

Do you want to explore some of Lisbon's main sights in an easy way? The electric scooter is increasingly popular, and w…


Adventure itinerary: 6 extreme activities to your bucket list

Test your limits with the adventure itinerary that All About Portugal has prepared for you. Warning: contains a high am…

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