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What to do in Porto in Winter

If the rain leaves you unwilling to leave the house, check out our suggestions for what to do in Porto in Winter and le…


Where to see snow in Portugal

Seeing snow is always a magical event, especially for those who are not used to it. All About Portugal suggests six pla…


Go on an adventure on an extreme itinerary for children

Do you want to live a different day with the children and provide them with an extreme experience with lots of fun? The…

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Carnival Break in Portugal

Whether you love wild parties or prefer the beauty and quietness of Nature, we leave you with seven suggestions for a C…

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Tradition, satire and lots of samba: 10 Carnival parades not to be missed in Portugal

Tradition is still what it was in Portugal: discover the best Carnival destinations in the country to dance the night a…

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The 10 Best Winter Destinations in Portugal

Cold does not have to mean staying at home. Discover the best winter destinations in Portugal and go on an adventure, o…


Fight the cold with these indoor swimming pools in Portugal

Forget the cold outside with a getaway in one of these hotels with an indoor pool and warm your body and soul!


Discover the Best Extreme Winter Sports (and more)

Do not let the cold be an excuse to give up on exercise this winter. So put on your gloves, hat and scarf, and set off …


Serra da Estrela: what to see if the snow cuts off access to the Tower

Climbing to the highest point in mainland Portugal is a goal for anyone visiting Serra da Estrela in the winter. And if…

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Christmas Getaways: 10 Places to Explore in Portugal

We do not have one, or two, not even three; we have 10 Christmas getaways for a big weekend, as a couple or as a family…


Christmas Sweets: 9 Recipes to Make at Home

There are traditions that must be preserved. A rich and colourful table, full of Christmas sweets, is essential for an …

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New Year's Eve in Portugal: Plans to get off on the right foot

Ten, nine, eight… The New Year’s Eve night is approaching, do you have plans yet? Check out All About Portugal's sugges…

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