Rural Tourism to enjoy the snow in Serra da Estrela

In the highest mountainous area of mainland Portugal there are accommodations where intense contact with nature promise…

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Portuguese Wines to Toast to the New Year

Still not sure what to toast before or after midnight? Or are you looking for a roadtrip with the best Portugal has to …

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10 Free New Year's Eve Programs in Portugal

From north to south of the country, also passing through the islands, there is guaranteed animation and a lot of music …

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Road Trip in Madeira: Christmas Holidays with the Kids

What better destination for a magical Christmas holiday than the Pearl of the Atlantic? Embark on this enchanted road t…


27 Restaurants For Dinner Out on Christmas Eve

Looking for a different Christmas Eve this year? See the list All About Portugal has prepared, with some of the restaur…


10 Villages in Portugal for an Unforgettable Family New Year's Eve

Near Serra da Estrela, in the Center of Portugal, there are must-see places, great for entering the New Year in the bes…


Beyond Lisbon: 12 Restaurants in Cacilhas

Cacilhas is fashionable and there are many restaurants - traditional, reinvented or new - that justify a visit. Cross L…

Portugal On The Road

Roadtrip on EN2: Portugal from North to South in 4 Days

By motorcycle or car, there is a trip that will invoke your spirit of adventure or romance, and that you have to take a…


Find out about Michelin Star restaurants in Portugal

Portugal currently has 26 Michelin Star restaurants, making a total of 33 Stars.

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Love and a Fireplace: 10 Hotels for a Romantic Getaway

Imagine this scenario: the twilight of the bonfire logs, a glass of wine in your hand and the rain outside… Do you feel…

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Slice or Spoon: There are Many Cheeses to Savor in Portugal

Whether made with goat, sheep or cow milk, excellent cheeses abound in the country, from Trás-os-Montes to Alentejo, an…


Restaurants for Celiacs: Where Gluten Does Not Enter

For a celiac, eating out does not have to be a nightmare. Discover the eight gluten free restaurants certified by the P…

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Halloween: 13 Haunted Places That Will Make You Shiver

All About Portugal went from north to south looking for “cursed” spaces for a truly scary Halloween. Be afraid!

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