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Holidays with friends: group activities for the summer

Summer means doing different things Follow All About Portugal's suggestions and make your holidays with friends or family unforgettable, for the best reasons.

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Santos Populares: itinerary for the São João night in Porto

Music, grilled sardines and lots of entertainment on the longest night in “Cidade Invicta”: the festivities of São João…


10 places to camp in Portugal

Enjoy Nature, with all it takes, and discover with us some of the best places to camp in Portugal. And the best part is…

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Religious monuments in Portugal: discover the most popular ones

Inspired by the Gods, imagined and built by men, these are some of the most popular Portuguese religious monuments, rel…

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The best Nature destinations with children

Are you in need of a few days off with your family that combine Nature with children? All About Portugal chose ten perf…


Seven gardens to practice yoga in Lisbon

Exotic, romantic, quiet or busy, choose a garden that suits you and practice yoga in Lisbon outdoor. Discover Pedro Car…


Seven hotels that combine relaxation and Faith

Settle down in one of the accommodation we suggest you and enter another dimension, in an invigorating alliance between…


Historic cafes to visit in Lisbon and Porto

Drinking coffee is a cultural habit in Portugal. Do it in style at the Historic Cafés in Lisbon and Porto.

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The best Lisbon attractions

All About Portugal will help you with a list of Lisbon main attractions, when planning your travel itinerary through th…


The best motels with pool and jacuzzi in Portugal

All About Portugal seeked for the best motels with heated pools, waterfalls and jacuzzis right next to the bed. Get ins…


Sustainable hotels: 10 eco-friendly choices in Portugal

Sustainability is increasingly an unavoidable trend in Tourism, so follow the ten suggestions for sustainable hotels fr…

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Eight Portuguese Monuments that are a World Heritage Site

All About Portugal invites you to discover some of the most remarkable pages in the History of Portugal, on a tour of…


Lisbon Spas: relax in the heart of the city

Lisbon is a vibrant and fast-paced capital, but it is possible to find places to relax amidst the hustle and bustle of …

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