If you are out of ideas for Christmas gifts, take advantage of the suggestions that we have prepared for you. In a moment of uncertainty, how about offering a trip, an experience, or a stay in one of the most beautiful places in Portugal? Whether for your “heat and soul”, for your favourite person or to nurture the Christmas spirit of those you don't get to be with more often, don't despair: All About Portugal has organized a list of incredible and original Christmas ideas that will certainly make your loved ones ecstatic.

Offer… a trip

Give your friends and family the chance to embark on a journey without leaving their comfort zone. Or country. Share your favourite destinations from north to south and bet on leisure when choosing Christmas gifts. Offer stays in snowy or sunny locations, to forget the excesses of the festivities or to experience come summer. Challenge your life partner to a road trip on the Estrada Nacional 2 or the romantic EN222, to camp - perhaps for the first time - or to experience a romantic getaway even if it is just for a weekend. At the fireplace or by the pool, the hard part will be to choose.

Offer… an adventure

Adrenaline, outdoors and new experiences: bet on gifts that will make your friends and family explore new horizons. The suggestions are more than many. The levada walks of Madeira and the walkways, always in fashion, are some ideas for those who enjoy being surrounded by Nature. If you prefer a more extreme and adventurous experience, bet on an Adventure or an Amusement Park - for example aquatic. The gift isn’t complete without the app Cartas Militares, allowing for an off-road navigation with the rigour of Military Cartography.

Offer… a gastronomic experience

When in doubt, there is nothing like betting on a trending restaurant. Offer a voucher or gift card or invite someone to share a meal with you. From Lisbon to Porto, passing through the rest of the country, a nice feast remains a safe bet as a Christmas gift. The options are varied and, in addition to the standard treats, there are brunches, rooftops, taverns and even take away, if you are looking for a more private experience.

Offer… health and relaxation

It is more important than ever to take care of each other. Share an experience in a SPA, a cosy hotel or other spaces dedicated to health and relaxation. The offer is varied and is spread all over the country.

Offer… your company

More than material goods, friendship, love, and sharing are the best Christmas gifts. Start with activities that your friend, boyfriend or family member can enjoy with you. There are itineraries, gardens, and other incredibly unique challenges that you can share together throughout the year. And, to make these special moments eternal, you can combine any of these gifts with a photography course at Olhares.