No matter the gender or age, no matter the day or time of the year, as far as fantasies are concerned, there are no limits. Wedding anniversaries, Valentine's Day or, simply, a quick lunch hour, there are no excuses for not embarking in a romantic getaway. All About Portugal made a selection of some of the best motels in the country, where you will find mirrors on the ceiling, water mattresses, swings and rods, jacuzzis and private pools ... Luxury, comfort and privacy are guaranteed. The rest is up to you!

Habana - Matosinhos

Are you looking for a pole for that sexy dance you've been rehearsing for months? Want to experience an erotic swing or take a swim in a pool in good company? At the Habana Motel, in Matosinhos, you will find this and more, from mirrors on the ceiling to chairs with the intriguing designation of Spider.

Silk - Gaia

With a modern and sophisticated design, the Silk Motel is one of the most charming and complete motels in the country. It has rooms with mini-swimming pool, hydromassage, poles and swings. And then there's the XL Experience suite, with a pool, a sauna, a pole and a cage, the "Glory Hole", mirrors and multi-car garage. Having ideas already? 


H2ON - Loures

The tantric shower chair is the star of H2ON Motel in Loures. They assure us that its ergonomic design allows you to try out any position you remember. If to all of this we add a large ceiling shower... the night promises to be unforgettable. 


Flamingo - Matosinhos

Do you dream of making love all over the world? At Motel Flamingo, all suites and decor are inspired by some of the most desirable holiday destinations, from New York to Paris, from Miami to Bali. For a day or just a few hours, travel the world with your better half.

Mood - Setúbal

An authentic luxury hotel for lovers, official or unofficial. All Mood suites (like most motels on this list, by the way) have private garages with direct access. The décor, minimalist and sensual, combined with the sound system and chromotherapy, will help you to awaken all the senses. 


Emoções - Santa Maria da Feira

The names of the Emotions Motel suites refer to great love stories (Adam & Eve, Romeo & Juliet) or, quite simply, to the pleasures of life (Lovers, Passion or Dance Room). The Fly room has erotic swings. If you do not know how to use them, just google and risk it!

Afrodite MTL - Viana do Castelo

If you are there, or are planning on going to the north, more precisely to Viana do Castelo, the Aphrodite MTL is a mandatory destination. Considered the country's first Design Motel, it is a different and sophisticated space. The rooms are decorated by award-winning designers, inspired by the various forms of Love.

Seven - Seixal

The name was not chosen at random. The rooms at Motel Seven are divided into seven themes, with the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World being the inspiration for the choice of textures, shapes and colours. Taj Mahal, the Coliseum, Machu Picchu or the Wall of China? It's your choice.

X-Roomz - Lisboa

At X-Roomz, all rooms are themed. All you have to do is find the ideal setting for your fantasy: a boat, an aeroplane, a movie theatre just fror two, an exotic scene in the style of the Arabian Nights, an igloo in the Antarctic or a tropical island.

Tropicana - Gaia

The atmospheres are modern and sophisticated at the Tropicana Motel, ideal for an evening marked by romanticism, or for hours of pure fantasy and seduction. Mirrors and light sets are details that do make a difference.

Havay - Leça do Balio

At Havay Motel, water is the key element. Inspired by the warmth of the tropics, you'll find suites with hot tubs and waterfalls, a Turkish bath or a simple whirlpool. If your fantasy includes mirrors on the ceiling, the standard suite is the ideal choice.

Terra Cálida - Viseu

Luxury, design and good taste are the trademarks of the Motel Terra Cálida. Some suites have erotic sofas, poles, mirrors, and jacuzzis. Common to all rooms, the private garage, the King Size bed, a giant TV and a catalogue of erotic products, with oils, clothing and imaginative "toys".

D’lirius Azuis - Sintra

The Shadows of Grey Suite is one of the attractions of Motel D'lirius Blues. A whirlpool, handcuffs and blindfolds, suggestive images on the walls and even a DVD with a film: here you will find everything you need to realize your most unmentionable desires.

Fonte dos Amores - Coimbra

This is a different motel. In spite of the contemporary design, the decoration of the rooms of Fonte dos Amores refers to legends, novels and plastic and architectural styles of the past, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, from the Romanesque to the Baroque, from the Manueline to the Neoclassical.

Eclipse - Albergaria-a-Velha

At Eclipse, there are suites designed to satisfy the boldest of your fantasies. There are heart-shaped beds, water mattresses, poles, mirrors and erotic sofas. We must highlight the Madonna's suite, inspired by the artist, and the Erotic suite, complete with whips and hand, foot and neck cuffs!

Dunas d’Ovar - Ovar

Away from the extravagances of other motels, the Dunas d'Ovar excels by its simplicity and good taste. Ideal for escaping the routine, it invites you to a romanticism and moments of relaxation for two, whether on a waterbed, in the hot tub or in a private pool.