If you often associate thermal baths with senior audiences, or people with breathing problems, think again. More than never, these resorts are sought after by people of all ages, not only for the numerous therapeutic benefits of their waters, but also for their well-being programmes, whether for relaxation, weight loss, or just rest. In the midst of nature, surrounded by history or with refinements of charm, All About Portugal gives you some of the best places to enjoy health tourism.

Centro Tesal - Monção Thermal Spa

Set in a relaxing environment by the Minho River, surrounded by green spaces, the Centro Tesal - Termas de Monção is perfect for a few days of tranquillity. Thinking about the tiredness associated with modern life, it offers a wide range of anti stress, rest, rejuvenation and beauty programmes. It is equipped with modern hydrotherapeutic technology, which ensures the use of its hyperthermic, hypo saline and sulphuric waters, indicated to treat respiratory and rheumatic diseases.

Vidago Palace Hotel

It is in Chaves, in the luxurious Vidago Palace Hotel, that we find one of our most famous hot springs, known for the properties of its natural carbonated water, indicated to facilitate digestion, decongest the liver or help clean the kidneys. The sophisticated spa, designed by renowned architect Siza Vieira, is equipped with two swimming pools, saunas, a Turkish bath, an ice fountain and sensation showers. You can try the traditional Vidago water therapies, as well as other innovative treatments.

Pedras Salgadas Thermal Spa (Spa & Nature Park)

In the Pedras Salgadas Thermal Spa (Spa & Nature Park), inserted in the beautiful park of the region and re-qualified by architect Siza Vieira, we can benefit from the exclusive therapeutic properties of Água das Pedras, which comes from four springs. With 14 treatment rooms - which include relaxation massages or lymphatic drainage - the spa also has a heated indoor pool with a jogging hall, sauna, Scotch hose or exfoliation. All for a well-deserved rest!

Caldas de Aregos Thermal Spa

The therapeutic power of its waters, captured at 62ºC, has been recognized since the 17th century. With a privileged landscape, on the banks of the Douro River, you can take care of your health and well-being, taking advantage of the treatments available at Balneario Rainha D. Mafalda, which include submerged baths, Scottish showers, or thermal mud treatments. In this resort there is also a gym and rehabilitation and athletic performance centre, which offers physical therapy techniques.

Águas Do Gerês – Hotel, Termas & Spa

It is in the heart of the Peneda-Gerês National Park that one of the main spas in Portugal is located, whose origin dates back to the Roman era. There, surrounded by lakes and mountains, you can enjoy a refreshing day at the newly refurbished thermal spa, which offers a wide range of wellness services. Also, the thermal bath has been requalified, offering unique conditions to take advantage of the properties of its waters, which help fight obesity, gout and diabetes.

São Vicente Thermal Spa

The properties of its alkaline waters were discovered by the Romans, as evidenced by the ruins of the Luso-Roman seaside resort in Penafiel. There, about 30 kilometres from Porto, it is possible to renew energy and take advantage of a refurbished space equipped with a dynamic thermal pool, where you can experience various treatments, ranging from geothermal massages, waterfalls or Vichy showers. There are also paediatric treatments and romantic programmes for couples.

Termas da Curia Hotel

Housed in a 14-hectare estate, which houses the Hotel Termas da Curia and Parque das Termas, the resort is known for its calcium and magnesium sulphated waters. It is open all year round and has the particularity of having a “Buvette”, a space of excellence where you can drink the thermal water. If your goal is to rest and take care of your well-being, this centre offers innovative stress, relaxation, massage, nutrition and electrotherapy treatments.

Luso Thermal Spa - Grande Hotel do Luso

The natural environment in which they are located, on the slope of the Serra do Buçaco, is in and of itself an ally of the desired balance. Integrated in the Grande Hotel do Luso, these famous water spas have renewed facilities that meet new trends and offer, in addition to classic thermalism, thermal spa valences - with an interactive pool, an ice fountain, saunas or Swiss showers - and a medical rehabilitation centre, namely orthopaedic, neurological and rheumatological.

São Pedro do Sul Thermal Spa

They are the largest thermal baths in the country and also some of the oldest - they were used by the first king of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques. Its highly mineralized waters, which reach the surface at 68.7ºC, are sought annually by about 20,000 people to combat respiratory, rheumatic or muscular problems. The two resorts - named D. Afonso and D. Amélia - also have valences of physiotherapy and well-being, where the dermo-cosmetic treatments stand out.

Monfortinho Thermal Spa

On the banks of the Edges River, at the slope of the Serra de Penha Garcia, is located one of the oldest hot springs in the country - Fonte Santa. The bucolic setting in which they operate gives unparalleled tranquillity, ideal for those who wish to rest. In Monfortinho Thermal Spa, there are geothermal, aesthetic and anti-stress circuits, which can be complemented by a walking tour through this natural paradise, with historical footprints. Its water, high in silica, is ideal for treating skin conditions.

Mountain Spa Aquadome - Unhais da Serra Thermal Spa

In perfect harmony with the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, the Unhais da Serra Thermal Spa, integrated in the H2otel Mountain Spa Aquadome, is one of the most desirable places to recharge your energy. Taking advantage of its sulphuric water, especially indicated for the treatment of respiratory diseases, this space is divided into four areas: thermal spa, osteopathy and physiotherapy centre, a leisure space with hydrodynamic pools, and an area for aesthetic treatments inspired by oriental philosophy.

Caldas de Monchique Spa Resort

In the heart of Serra de Monchique Natural Park, the Thermal Complex of Caldas de Monchique Spa Resort is a haven of tranquillity for those who want to break routine and rest both body and mind. With a variety of treatments and rituals, ranging from whirlpools, jet shower and mud treatments, it also has nutritional accompaniment programmes. Its alkaline waters, rich in fluorine and bicarbonate, help treat respiratory and musculoskeletal disorders.