10 Adventure Parks from North to South of Portugal

With more or less adrenaline, depending on each one's taste, there are Adventure Parks throughout Portugal, which will allow you a very radical and fun day.


Algarve: discover the treasures of Lower Guadiana

The Eastern Algarve area, right on the border with Spain, has a lot to explore. Lower Guadiana is full of wonders of Na…

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Religious tourism in the Algarve: the 10 most beautiful churches

If, for you, Algarve means just beaches and good food, don't be fooled, as there is much more to see there. Discover th…


Now you can rent a yacht and sail around - find out how!

Can you imagine yourself on a yacht, your hair blowing in the wind, enjoying the sun while enjoying a delicious drink? …

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There are 9 naturist beaches in Portugal – know where they are

If you are someone who likes to ditch the swimsuit and enjoy the beach and full-body tans, this article is for you. All…

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Travel Between Resorts in the Algarve

This itinerary starts at the regional capital Faro and finishes in the lively beach town of Lagos, stopping at Vilamour…


Hotels for adults: peaceful holidays without children

Children are the best in the world, but sometimes adults (parents or not) need a break to recharge their batteries. If …

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The best beaches for children in the Algarve

Holidays with kids rhyme with beach, but a day at the beach with the small ones can be the best and worst of your holid…


Discover the best chocolate shops in Portugal

Know where to buy high-quality artisan chocolates. The best chocolatiers offer authentic delicacies that are to die for.


The Best Places to Dive in Portugal

The extensive coastline available is one of the reasons that makes diving in Portugal an increasingly popular option. A…

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Fishermen and Tradition: The Most Beautiful Fishing Villages

All About Portugal drew up a route through some of the most beautiful fishing villages in Portugal, which have withstoo…

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New Year's Eve in the Algarve: 10 Dream Destinations

The mild climate and a varied choice of beaches are the reasons many head for the South of Portugal and choose the Alga…


Military Tourism: 12 locations not to be missed in Portugal

Portugal has a long tradition of castles, maritime forts and other military constructions. Discover a Military Tourism …

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