Now close your eyes! Breathe in and out and imagine yourself at sea! You can almost certainly feel the breeze hitting your face as you breathe in the smell of the sea air, taste the salty sea and the warm touch of the sun on your skin!

This time, she doesn't have to wake up! So are we going to make this dream come true?

To turn your dream into reality, nothing better than looking for alternatives! And if buying a yacht isn't in your plans - or possibilities - why not choose to rent a yacht? Nowadays it is already possible to do it for a few hours, for a few days or even longer! And if you don't have a license to drive a boat, don't worry! When renting a yacht with Click&Boat, you will have a captain with a license on board. This way, you won't have any worries: you'll just have to relax!

If you're new to Click&Boat, we'll introduce you! Basically, this platform is a kind of Uber or AirBnb for boats, and makes available to users different types of boats for rent. So, if instead of renting a yacht, you prefer to rent a motorboat, a sailboat or even a catamaran, know that this operation is now possible! And very easy to do, either through the website or the Click&Boat application.

In addition, there is also the possibility of adding material for the practice of water sports such as surfing, wakeboarding or water skiing, among many others. Please note that this type of service is an extra, and is only available upon prior request.

Most popular travel destinations

Since Click&Boat is available all over the world, travel options will not be lacking!

In case you are looking for yachts in Portugal, be aware that in any port you can find an offer through this platform.

Still, we highlight the two most popular destinations in Portugal! To start with, we have Quarteira. Without a doubt, it is a good starting point to explore the Algarve coast and its beautiful and mysterious caves and caves - some only accessible by sea. Another very popular destination is Cascais, whether for boat trips in that area, or for traveling along the Tagus, crossing the 25 de Abril bridge - an idyllic setting for those looking for a new way of “seeing” Lisbon while enjoying the sunset, for example!

Outside Portugal, we could not fail to suggest neighboring Spain. Although the options are many - and tempting - we have to highlight Ibiza. For those who want to join a coast with dream beaches, with dips in the warm waters of the Mediterranean and still enjoy the nightlife, this island is undoubtedly an excellent destination, as well as a reference at any time of the year!

How to use Click&Boat

In addition to Portugal and Spain, Click&Boat is also in other countries such as France, Italy or Brazil. This represents over 35,000 registered boats worldwide! Transparent and easy to use, it is without a doubt the best way to make your dreams come true!