If you've never done so, don't let your dreams slip away and live this unforgettable and exciting nautical experience as soon as possible. It's more accessible than you think and more refreshing than you might think.

Whether you want to sail for just a few hours, for a few days or for a longer period, know that there are boat rental agencies, such as Nautal, where you can find the perfect solution for you.

Nautal has available for rent several types of boats, such as sailboats, catamarans, speedboats, yachts, among others, in different price ranges and conditions. There you will find everything from boats for 4 or 5 people, to luxury yachts with a capacity for 300 people. Do not know where to start? Take a look here.

By accessing Nautal's online platform, you will be able to adapt the search filter according to the experience you prefer to carry out. If you've never sailed, you can, for example, rent a boat for a few hours and, if you like (which is extremely likely), then move on to renting for a longer period, such as a weekend or even a week's vacation with the family.

Explore the Algarve coast

There's nothing better than a boat to discover or rediscover the most stunning beaches in the Algarve! Even if you already know the best beaches in the region, reaching them by boat will give you a new perspective on them.

You can, for example, rent a boat with a capacity for 9 people at the Marina de Portimão to navigate the beautiful Algarve coast. The possibilities are immense, as you can confirm here.

Escape the cold

If you want to escape our winter and prefer to unwind in warmer climates, you can choose to rent a boat to sail through Brazil or the Caribbean, among other tropical destinations.

Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis, Angra dos Reis, Cancun, La Romana, Puerto Rico, are just some of the tropical destinations where you can sail and discover the best of its beaches.

Do you need to know how to sail?

If you are currently questioning whether or not you need to have a nautical chart or know how to navigate, the answer is simple: don't worry about it! At Nautal, there are many boats available to rent with a skipper, that is, with an experienced sailor who, in addition to taking care of all the technical aspects related to navigation, can also give you precious tips about your trip.

In fact, renting a boat with a skipper is the perfect formula for those who do not have a nautical license, or even for those who have a license but do not know well the waters where they intend to sail.

Set out on the adventure now! Take the opportunity to sail completely safely, getting away from crowds of people and sharing incredible moments with friends and family. You will certainly return from that experience with renewed energy and a huge desire to repeat it.