Enjoy the summer on the best rooftops in Lisbon and Porto

When we think of summer, we immediately think of beach and terraces, but this year we are going to raise the game and discover the best rooftops in Lisbon and Porto!


Vacation alone: summer activities to do without company

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Seven gardens to practice yoga in Lisbon

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Historic cafes to visit in Lisbon and Porto

Drinking coffee is a cultural habit in Portugal. Do it in style at the Historic Cafés in Lisbon and Porto.


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Lisbon Spas: relax in the heart of the city

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6 original ideas for New Year's Eve

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Sailing: a great way to escape the cold!

Raise your hand for those who never dreamed of sailing on the high seas, whether alone or with family and friends, putt…


How to pair Port Wine with your meals

Pairing of Port Wine with different foods can be an art. All About Portugal leaves you some tips, for you to embark on …


Now you can rent a yacht and sail around - find out how!

Can you imagine yourself on a yacht, your hair blowing in the wind, enjoying the sun while enjoying a delicious drink? …


Online restaurants: where to order in Lisbon and Porto

Pandemic or no pandemic, online restaurants are here to stay. Discover the best places to order your meals in Lisbon an…


Spiritual and wellness retreats in Portugal

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