Winter getaways rhyme with a glass of wine in hand, surrounded by Nature, listening to the crackle of the fireplace, and watching the rain falling outside. Whether surrounded by lush mountain ranges, rivers, reservoirs or even picturesque villages, there are several local accommodations where you can rest away from the city hustle and bustle. If you are one of those people who go on holiday only in the summer, you don't know what you are missing out on, but All About Portugal is here to unveil it: rural accommodations with a fireplace inviting you to a romantic or family evening, bike or horse riding, hiking trails, a dip in a warm indoor pool, organic gardens and farm animals to visit, yoga classes and massages to enjoy, and much more. Accept the invitation from “Mother Nature”, where relaxing is the keyword.

Quinta Brasão da Caniçada - Vieira do Minho

Next to the Caniçada dam, in the heart of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, Quinta Brasão da Caniçada offers wonderful panoramic views, standing out among the winter getaways for its surrounding beauty. The proximity to several dams and reservoirs also allows a range of leisure activities. Be sure to take advantage of the games room to play billiards or the fireplace for a romantic evening.

Casa do Redondo - Mêda

Integrated in Quinta da Bacelada, Casa do Redondo is an old baroque manor surrounded by wide agricultural land, where olive oil, wine and honey are produced and cattle are raised. Here you can interact with different animals (horses, dogs, sheep, chickens, among others), enjoy the tennis court, the games room, and the riding arena. Enjoy the beautiful outdoor space and have a picnic.

Moinho do Maneio - Penamacor

Moinho do Maneio is a rural accommodation located next to Serra da Malcata with an incredibly special philosophy: here, there is no television, and the mobile phone network is minimal, intended to be a haven of total rest, away from the stress of everyday life. The ideal suggestion for those who like to "disconnect" from reality on winter getaways. Enjoy hammocks with views over the river, massages, and various activities, ranging from bread production to horseback riding in the region.

Quinta da Mafalda - Mira

Quinta da Mafalda is an authentic pearl hidden in Mira. Those who see its high walls cannot imagine the large farm that is hidden here, where the deer run freely and interact with visitors, amid a lake with ducks and geese. The rooms with a glass wall allow you to see the deer right there at any time! In addition to interacting with the animals and discovering all the corners of the farm, take advantage of the indoor pool to relax.

Cerdeira - Home for Creativity - Lousã

This set of nine traditional shale houses, remodelled in a sustainable way, are located in the Schist Village of Cerdeira. Each house was also an inspiration for artists to create exclusive pieces, thus combining art with communion with Nature, which results in an unforgettable retreat. The houses do not have a TV and there is only Internet at Café da Videira, so take the opportunity to "silence" real life, relax and explore the hiking trails in Serra da Lousã.

Monte das Faias - Grândola

It is in the village of Grândola, between land and sea, that Monte das Faias is found, consisting of seven houses and three suites. The main house serves meals and on cold nights the fireplace is lit and serves as a meeting place. Take the opportunity to stroll around the property, use the tennis court, ride a bicycle, and enjoy the indoor pool. A destination suitable for those who enjoy winter getaways with history, as Grândola is an emblematic location for the history of freedom in Portugal.

Quinta do Chocalhinho - Odemira

Remarkably close to the magnificent Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, Quinta do Chocalhinho is a century-old homestead located in the village of Bemposta, in Odemira. Here you can walk the trails of the farm, play tennis, participate in the organic garden and in yoga sessions and receive massages.

Calhau Grande - Madeira Rural Cottages - Calheta

The name is not deceiving, Calhau Grande - Madeira Rural Cottages includes six rustic and cosy houses, with everything you need to know this beautiful island. The magnificent panoramic views over the Atlantic set the tone for an unforgettable stay. Enjoy the wonderful flower gardens and discover the agricultural space with fruit trees, vegetables, and organic herbs.