Mosteiro da Batalha

It is one of the biggest and most beautiful Monuments from the Gothic architecture in Portugal and the first from Manueline art in the 16th century. Batalha Monastery is also the most outstanding symbol from the Avis dynasty. The monastery was built by orders of D. João I as a consequence from a promise he made to the Virgin Mary in order to win the battle of Aljubarrota in 1385. The construction started the next year under the supervision of the Portuguese architect Afonso Domingues. In this initial phase the results produced were the majority of the church structures and two wings from the cloister. In 1402 the supervision shifted to Master Huguet who introduced the Flamboyant Gothic style which is possible to notice on the main façade, the dome of the church spaces and on the Chapter House, the Founder's Chapel and the initial structure of the Imperfect Chapel. On the 15th century it was built D. Afonso V cloister and during D. Manuel Kingdom the gallery windows on the cloister were shut and the work on the Imperfect Chapel restarted. From 1840 onwards it was under restore work. In 1980 it was transformed into a Museum working here two offices in stonework and glasswork. In 2007 it was voted one of the seven wonders of Portugal.


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