Ermida de Nossa Senhora do Socorro

Simple construction with nave and chancel and vaulted dome galilé pinaculada. The severity of the Mannerist exterior contrasts with the rich Baroque decoration of the interior, especially the paintings in wooden caissons of coverage and finish 18th century tile.


Estrada Senhora do Socorro


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Monuments near Ermida de Nossa Senhora do Socorro

Albergaria do Carvalhal/ Hospital do Carvalhal

Seventeenth-century building of rectangular plant. Formerly had two floors but, currently, the second floor lies in ruins, leaving only the dimension of the al…

Capela do Carvalhal / Igreja do Santíssimo Sacramento

Church founded by the Queen Dona Leonor in early 16TH century. Remodelled in the 18th century, also date from this time, the Bell Tower. The interior, with thr…

Casa Alpendrada da Rua do Hospital

Construction of small dimensions with a staircase of two broken hauls that will give a porch built on four small columns.

Santuário do Bom Jesus do Carvalhal / Igreja Paroquial de São Pedro de Finisterra

Sanctuary with various eras of construction, with a plant irregular and eclectic architecture. Inside, a painting on canvas, dating from the 18TH century, repr…

Torre do Carvalhal / Torre dos Lafetás / Torre dos Lajeitas

The accurate date for this tower construction is unknown, but according to a document it already existed on the first half of the thirteenth century. Supposedl…

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