Castelo de Campo Maior

Castle where are visible some cloths of wall, from medieval times and the North Tower with machicolations. 17TH century fortified waist, the moat and the contraescarpa in much of its length, ramparts, gates, barracks and ravelins. The Castle has two of the six towers, rectangular plant. In West Tower stands the frame manuelina. Highlights-a large living room, two ships divided by strong pillars of masonry, has edge dome. Warrant rebuilt by King Denis in 1310, it is assumed that there are fortifications in the area of Campo Maior, Roman or Visigothic era. In the reign of King John II were carried out major changes. Later, in the reign of d. Manuel I, were built a large Tower of homage, of three floors, four other smaller towers, Alcazaba, barracks and warehouses involving the castelejo.


Praça Velha
7370-117,Campo Maior


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Monuments near Castelo de Campo Maior

Antigo Lagar do Azeite

This old olive oil mill is now a restaurant (ApertAzeite Restaurant), which preserves the original spatiality and much of the equipment of the mill.

Capela do Senhor dos Aflitos / Capela do Castelo

Temple located within the walls of the Castle. It has nave and rectangular chancel.

Ermida de São Joãozinho

Space of pilgrimage with Baroque style. Curvilinear gable with its Bell and features Bay Windows.

Fonte do Jardim

Circular fountain located in broad Avenue space of Campo Maior.

Fonte Nova

16th set with fountain, marble tank and backrest made of masonry. Have coat of arms of Portugal and two Manueline spheres.

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