Farol de Santa Marta

The farol de Santa Marta is one of the oldest in the municipality and played an important role in the safety of Cascais and the guidance of boats to dry land. Despite maintaining its functions, currently houses a museum space dedicated to five centuries of Portuguese headlights life, its history and heritage value.


Rua Farol de Santa Marta


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Monuments near Farol de Santa Marta

Largo 5 de Outubro, 15, Cascais

Rua Frederico Arouca, 107, Cascais

Rua Marques Leal Pancada, Cascais

Fonte da Rua Marques Leal Pancada

Small fountain in natural stone, very crafted.

Largo Mestre Henrique Anjos, Cascais

Padrão do Largo Mestre Henrique Anjos

Default in stone with the guns and the Portuguese Crown on top.

Praça 5 de Outubro, 9, Cascais

Antiga Residência dos Condes da Guarda

The ancient residence of the Counts of Guarda currently houses the Town Council of Cascais. In the façade one can admire a rare tile frieze that pictures Saint…

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