Solar da Quinta da Fisga

A manor built in the 18th century and composed of three square towers and a chapel. In the main concourse and garden there are three rococo fountains with several statues and a heradldic gate that is also in the rococo style.


EN 502 - Bairros


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Monuments near Solar da Quinta da Fisga

Capela da Senhora das Amoras

A chapel located on th hillsides of the Douro river. It is composed of only one nave, a high altar and a sacristy. The belltower has an exterior flight of stai…

Anjo da Guarda

A monument that is a tribute to the victims of the fall of the Hintze Ribeiro bridge. It is the statue of a golden angel, approximately 10 metres tall. If we g…

Capela da Quinta de Vegide

A small chapel built according to popular taste. A special note to the coverture shape and to the masonry of the campanile door. It is rather degraded and it i…

Capela da Senhora do Carmo de Paraíso

A baroque chapel with a longitudinal plan, a high altar and a sacristy on the left side. It is located in a rural area, on a hillside with many trees.

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