Miradouro do Monte de São Domingos

A place with exceptional views of the Arda and Douro rivers. Along the sanctuary there are several tables and benches for picnics and for conviviality, as well as lawns and tree areas with plenty of shade.


Monte de São Domingos
4550,Castelo de Paiva


  • Easy external parking
  • Viewpoints
  • Tables & benches

Gardens near Miradouro do Monte de São Domingos

Área de Lazer do Monte de São Gens

A set of wooden tables and benches located at the top of the São Gens Hill. A peacefukl place but shadeless. It has panoramic views of the Douro river and some…

Choupal das Concas

A small forest area composed of poplar trees, located by the river beach that has the same name, with fabulous views of the Arda River.

Jardim de Raiva

A pleasant space with some olive trees, wooden and metal tables and benches and a live coal barbecue out in the open. It has very well taken care of flowerbeds…

Jardim do Arda

A most pleasant place by the Arda river mouth, with plenty of shade, clean and well taken care of flowerbeds, a lake, tables and wooden and stone benches, perf…

Parque de Merendas do Monte de São Domingos

A place with tables and benches, great for getting together with friends and family.

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