Parque de Merendas do Açude da Veiga

Ample space and greenery, where a refreshing watercourse, with stone tables and benches for picnicking and a playground.


Estrada do Açude


  • Picnic areas
  • Tables & benches, Playground

Gardens near Parque de Merendas do Açude da Veiga

CM 1053, Chaves

Área de Lazer de Rio Mente

Ample space, lawn and trees, located along the river. Also features stone benches and tables for picnics.

Rua do Santuário, Vidago

Área de Lazer do Alto do Côto

Large and pleasant space, with some trees offering shade and still a little gazebo where, occasionally, Act Philharmonic bands.

Praceta Monsenhor Alves da Cunha, Chaves

Jardim da Praceta Monsenhor Alves da Cunha

A small garden with grassy flowerbeds and some trees, garden benches and lamps.

Terreiro da Cavalaria, Chaves

Jardim do Bacalhau

A wide, pleasant garden, located in the centre of the town, with nice flower areas and the typical Portuguese sidewaljks. The tourism office is located here.

Castelo de Chaves, Chaves

Jardim do Castelo

A garden located by the Castle of Chaves, with several archaeological findings that belong to the Chaves Museum. They testify to the history of the castle and …

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