Castelo do Crato (vestígios) / Castelo da Azinheira

Fortim bastions of four tips with walls of medieval type and a redan. Are visible the ruins of medieval fortification in the central zone, insulated walls or structures that they adossaram for the lifting of artillery platforms. As examples of modern fortification ruins are four redentes of rugged faces guarita, barracks and with remnants of chimneys and niches. The door of the blockhouse preserves the drawbridge bins and there is a cistern in the center of fortification. The door of the Castle, from the 16th century, is of verga dimpled and splines in shoulder pads. Some stretches of the wall and the Barbican have monumental beauty. The first fortress dates from the reign of d. Afonso Henriques, having been greatly changed in the 15th and 17th centuries. D. Sancho II made donation of Crato the Hospitable, which, at the time, gave huge lift into town. In the 17th century was damaged, remained in ruins until 1992 date of commencement of the conservation and revitalization project.


Largo do Castelo
7430-127, Crato


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