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Parque de Campismo Parque Verde

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Rua da Escola, 9 - Fontainhas
2840, Fernão Ferro


The Green Park, located in Fontainhas, is a green space with beautiful lawns, ideal to enjoy your holidays or weekends away from the hustle of big cities. Enjoy to play with the kids, catch the afternoon sun or prepare meals outdoors, socialising with friends. Here you will have access to all services of the Park, from the swimming pool, gym, Auditorium, restaurants and market. Enjoy and visit the archaeological site of Coina or moinho da maré de Corroios.

Parque de Campismo Lagoa

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Avenida dos Pinheiros
2970-436, Lagoa de Albufeira


The campsite pond, located on the shore of the lagoon of Albufeira, is a tranquil space, with excellent conditions for water sports. It has a lounge where you can enjoy playing snooker and chat. This Park embraced renewable energy with heating of water by solar thermal and electric power production. Its main points of interest the Cabo Espichel, the Centre of Sesimbra and Arrábida.

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