The city of Lagos, once known as Lacóbriga, played a very important role during the Discoveries period, having been the starting point of the caravels to numerous expeditions. Trade naturally contributed to the development of the municipality. However, from the late sixties, the bet on tourism has become increasingly important, especially on the county's coastal area, where you will find beautiful beaches, such as Dona Ana or Meia Praia beaches. If you visit the fortress Ponta da Bandeira – that used to guarantee the old port's defense - you will have the possibility of seeing Lagos from a privileged viewing point. We also suggest a visit to the Castelo dos Governadores castle, where Dom Sebastião attended mass before his departure to Alcácer Quibir. But it is during the month of may that the biggest cultural event of Lagos, the Festival dos Descobrimentos, takes place. Watch the re-creation of the 1500s, the striking episodes in the history of Portugal, revealed in musical and theatrical shows and in the animation all around the historic center. The Festa do “banho 29” ("29 bath" fest) in August is a local tradition of a nightly bath, completed with a great fireworks show. Spring is celebrated with the local tradition of "Maias", where elaborate handmade rag dolls, dressed in traditional costumes and adorned with flowers, are exposed throughout the city. In gastronomy, and because Lagos is deeply connected to the sea, you will find high-quality fish and seafood cooked in the traditional cataplana (shell-shaped copper recipient). The local confectionery is famous for the almond and fig sweets and also for the delicious Dom-Rodrigos (sweets made with eggs, drawn into thin strands, and almonds), wrapped in colored paper.

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