Percurso Pedestre dos Corços

A pedestrian walk along a trail of lush vegetation, in full touch with nature.




  • Nature

Outdoor activities near Percurso Pedestre dos Corços

Percurso Pedestre da Praia Fluvial de Serpins

A pedestrian walk along the Serpins river beach. The trail follows the river along calm places and lush vegetation.

Percurso Pedestre da Serra da Lousã

From the bridge on the Arouce river to the abandoned village of Talasnal, there is a whole variety of flora and fauna that the Quercus organization has been ai…

Percurso Pedestre de Central Ermida

A pedestrian walk near the Ermida central, along paths of lush vegetation, in full touch with nature.

Percurso Pedestre de Chiqueiro

A pedestrian trail near the village of Chiqueiro, on the Lousã mountain. Along the way there are natural belvederes with lovely views and a small picnic area.

Percurso Pedestre de Relva Cimeira

A pedestrian trail along a path where acacias abound.

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