Alcáçova do Castelo de Mértola

In the northern slope of the Castle, the possible forum of the Roman city creates an artificial platform, support the imposing monumental Myrtilis City set. All this platform, flush with the wall, relied on a solid underground Gallery with about 30 feet long and 6 feet tall. In late Antiquity, 5th and 6th centuries, religious buildings were erected luxury here; among them, a possible Episcopal Palace and a baptistery, of which there are significant fragments of a beautiful set of multi-colored mosaics. In the Islamic era, during the 12th and 13th centuries, this whole area is occupied by a residential neighborhood with about thirty dwellings. After the Christian conquest in 1238, the subdivision is abandoned and the terreiro tapped to cemetery.


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Monuments near Alcáçova do Castelo de Mértola

Azenhas do Guadiana

Water mills took advantage of in the past, the current of the river Guadiana to transform the grain into flour. Today, the mills are leisure venues.

Capela de Nossa Senhora da Conceição

Temple that stands out because of the absence of decorative elements.

Capela de Nossa Senhora das Neves

Chapel with dome cover. The main facade faces South and features simple monumental portal, with rectangular window.

Capela do Senhor do Calvário

Chapel of centralized plant with classical design. The chancel features round arch and altar have glass-enclosed dressing room, where are the pictures of Lord …

Castelo de Mértola

Castle of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, with quadrangular towers. The keep is on the hillside more phantasmic Shap. Medieval doors only if conserves of m…

Centro Histórico de Mértola

This picturesque village with traditional houses and a built heritage relevant, configures him the status of "Village Museum". The intense archeological activi…

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