Oliveira do Bairro

Located in the central part of Portugal, the municipality of Oliveira do Bairro, of Aveiro's district, is a territory of passage between the coast and the interior. It integrates the Demarcated Region of Bairrada Wines and has in the wine production one of the pillars of the local economy. The region is generous in green spaces, such as the Parque dos Atómicos or Parque da Serra, in Oiã. In a cultural context, it is worth visiting the Museum of São Pedro and the historical bridges, in the parish of Palhaça. The Museum of Etnomúsica da Bairrada and the modern Espaço Inovação (Innovation Space) also deserve special attention, as well as the various churches and chapels scattered across the territory. During the festivals, Oliveira do Bairro attracts tourists and takes thousands of people to the streets. The Feira Medieval (Medieval Fair) in June, the parade of the Marchas Populares (Popular Marches) and the Festas do Município (celebrations of the municipality) are the most popular events. But it is between the months of May and June that the county gets new life with the "Oliveira em Flor” ("olive tree in flower") competition. You will be surely charmed by the spring look of the streets, gardens, buildings and windows.

Best Of Oliveira do Bairro

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