As a picturesque town par excellence, Aveiro is nicknamed Venice of Portugal thanks to the ria channels that cross it. And, if ria is its ex-libris, than the moliceiro boat tours are one of the largest tourist attractions of this city. The BUGA - Aveiro's free use bike – is also one of the means used to visit both typical and historical sites. Aveiro station is one of the key points of any visit to this city. Its historical tile panels from the Fábrica da Fonte Nova reproduce regional themes. The city of Aveiro is deeply connected to the Art Nouveau, being easy to find examples that combine iron, glass, stone, tile and wood. There are many buildings that represent this art as, for example, the House of Ovos Moles building (A Barrica) or the building of the Architect Francisco Augusto Silva Rocha residence, among many other that make up a real Art Nouveau tour. Being the University of Aveiro one of the most respected in the country, the city has rejuvenated with students who live there. Culturally, the Aveiro Theater is one of the poles of great animation and the City Museum one of the places where you can learn more about the local history. One of the most typical activities of Aveiro is the salicultura (salt production). In the Eco-Museum of Troncalhada you can learn more about the processes of salt production. São Jacinto beach is one of the best known locally and, when the weather is warm, it is very frequented by both locals and tourists. As well as the nature reserve of São Jacinto dunes, which you should not miss. The most typical and appreciated sweets of Aveiro are the ovos-moles (soft eggs), which are sold in small wooden casks or involved in host: a bane!

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