Minas de Castromil

In the gold mines of Castromil, parish of Shaffer, municipality of, Walls lies a golden Tomb whose archaeological evidence testify that, at least, about 2000 years ago the people of Rome developed, in this place, gold extraction activities. Here there are takedowns, numerous underground work old and still scoops on the side walls to put the lamps for lighting. The graves of Castromil, popular name, correspond, as its name implies, the existence of large pits\/holes (MOW) resulting from extraction techniques used by the Romans, who took place of open-pit blasting of large amounts of rock. In this region there are still more recent work of prospecting, such as galleries, and channel sampling surveys. In various geological aspects also exist Castromil, some evident relevance, including the occurrence of mineralogical and lithological, structural aspects, geomorphological and palaeontological. This mining heritages Heritage has been the subject of a scientific study and dissemination project, developed by the municipality of Walls in partnership with Department of geology of the Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto. Thus, this project has a strong educational component directed to all audiences in the sense of awareness for the preservation of natural areas and of geological and mining testimonials as asset values. For more detailed information about this and other mining and geological points of interest in Portugal, visit < a href = http:\/\/www.roteirodeminas.pt target = "_blank" > http:\/\/www.roteirodeminas.pt <\/a>.




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