Alfândega Nova

The construction of the new Port customs building was designed in 1859, by the French engineer C.F.G. Colson. It has an area of 36000 m2 and comprises three main bodies. The building of the Customs Act, in addition to the accommodation of the services of the Museum and the Museum Association of transport and communications, a Congress and Exhibition Centre.


Rua Nova da Alfândega


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Monuments near Alfândega Nova

Chafariz da Colher

The Chafariz da Colher is a fountain with a base and an ajutage made of granite. It is sided by a wall shaped as a tank. Considered to be the oldest fountain i…

Edifício do Antigo Clube Inglês do Porto

The building of the old Clube dos Ingleses (English Club) has two floors. The upstairs floor has balcony windows with iron bars ended by triangular and curved …

Edifício do Hospital de Santo António

This is a John Carr designed construction, with a salient entrance in the façade. The main façade is neoclassical. According to the initial plan, the building …

Fonte das Taipas

This fountain exists by the people’s will. It was built in 1772, after a petition made to the City council by the Largo do Postigo das Virtudes inhabitants. It…

Fonte das Virtudes

The Virtudes Fountain is at the end of the Calçada das Virtudes. It also has another name, Rio Frio Fountain. This fountain was abandoned for several years but…

Fonte do Bicho

Fountain that, in 1821, replaced the former Fonte da Ermida (from the XV century). It owes its name to the fact of the name of the fish that the water comes fr…

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