The Ribeira is most likely the most tourist city of Porto. And there are many reasons that give it that status: the proximity of the River, the views of the bridges and boats Rabelo and the possibility to visit the port wine cellars, on the other side of the Bank, in Vila Nova de Gaia. For all this and for his patrimonial relevance, in December 1996, the historic centre of Porto has been classified by UNESCO as Cultural heritage of humanity. In typical boats Rabelo from its name, you can make trips to the mouth of the Douro River and take a tour that includes the passage underneath the bridges that connect the Port Vila Nova de Gaia: Arrábida, d. Louis Infante, d. Maria Pia and s. joăo, turning around next to ponte do Freixo. Beyond the River, the city has a coast that, despite relying on little Beach, beginning to be more frequented, as in days of yore. Do the marginal Riverside is one of the proposals for the city, "da Ribeira to Foz", as a well-known song of Rui Veloso and Carlos Have. Low is also a tourist centre, not least by the traditional trade and typical restaurants which serve the Northern delicacy, accompanied by spicy sauce, the well-known French. But the city has to table another well-known gastronomic delicacy: the tripe. It is also in downtown that can get to know emblematic cafés as the Majestic, or the Guarany, and nearby see of Oporto City Hall building and the ex-libris of the city: the Torre dos Clérigos. Despite being the Nossa Senhora de Vandoma, the patron saint of the city is around St. John the portuenses make their biggest party, with rigors of tradition. The longest night of the year on Invicta is celebrated from 23 to 24 June and can't miss grilled sardines, basil, leeks, Fireworks and the very characteristic plastic chopsticks in the sanjoaninas festivities.

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Pestana Vintage Porto
Pestana Vintage Porto

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Situated in praça da Ribeira, in the historic area of the city, this space occupies part of a block of buildings that date back to the 16th, 17th and 18th cent…

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