Located on a foothill, this is one of the old villages in the parish with strong rural and cultural traditions. The majority of the inhabitants are farmers. A special note to the local craftswork, such as the Arroiolos tapestries, the linens, the flutes and the stone sculptures.




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Located on a foothill, it was important for the country's defenses during the independence struggles. It became a part of Portugal during the reign of Dom Dini…


Located on the right bank of the Côa river, to the north of the Malcata mountain, it became a part of the Portuguese territory in 1296 as a result of the Treat…


Sortelha is one of the oldest small towns in the entire country. Located on the top of a rocky hill at an altitude of more than 760 metres. With excellent defe…

Vila do Touro

Donated to the Templars by Dom Afonso II, this village still has some important military features. There are just a few vestiges of the old castle. Currently, …

Vilar Maior

The castle of the old town is located at its highest point and stands out in all the surrounding areas. An old 16th century engraving, of Duarte D'Armas, shows…

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