A Conquista de Silves

Statue that celebrates the conquest of Silves. During D.Sancho I's reign, D. Mendo, his lieutenant, planned a surprise attack against the Moors. The attack was so fierce that the Moors abandoned the defensive walls and took refuge in the centre of the fortified town. After a period of fighting and slaughter the Moors capitulated on the 3rd September 1198 and the Christians emerged victorious.


Largo Mártires da Pátria


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Monuments near A Conquista de Silves

Arco da Rebola

The defensive system that once enveloped the entire city of Silves was quite complete and sophisticated. It was divided into the following parts: the fortress,…

Castelo de Silves

Silves castle is the biggest castle in the Algarve and one of the most remarkable works of military architecture inherited from the Arab occupation. Its struct…

Igreja da Misericórdia de Silves

Church composed of a single nave and with a main facade equipped with a staircase with two flights of stairs. The façade also has a portico with a triangular p…

Ponte de Silves

Roman bridge built over the widest point of the river Arade. The bridge is only suitable for pedestrian crossing and features five round arches. Medieval bridg…

Praça Al'Mutamid

Al'Mutadid, lord of Seville, conquered the city of Silves in 1053 and his son, Al'Mutamid, was appointed to rule over it at the tender age of 12. It was durin…

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