Castelo de Silves

Silves castle is the biggest castle in the Algarve and one of the most remarkable works of military architecture inherited from the Arab occupation. Its structure was made up of several elements: the Alcáçova (fortress), the Almedina walls (at the central part of the fortified town), the Couraça (armour), the Arrabalde walls (located at the suburbs of the fortified town) and some ditches. Of all these elements the Alcáçova is the most important and is also where you can see two cisterns that date back to the time of the original building. You can also see a well, called Cisterna da Moura, at that spot. Archaeological digs uncovered a Moorish house, called “Palácio das Varandas” (balcony palace). The mixture of clay, gravel, sand and lime mixed with local red sandstone give a reddish tint to the building. From the towers and the defensive walls there is a magnificent view over the surrounding region.


Rua do Castelo


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