Passeio de Barco na Albufeira da Caniçada

The 689 sailable há of the Caniçada Dam are excellent for sporting. The natural beauty is fit for nice boat trips. The boat "Rio Caldo" aims to offer its customers the best of the Gerês. Reservations are by the telephone number 253391792.


EN 304


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Outdoor activities near Passeio de Barco na Albufeira da Caniçada

Seara, Seara

Trilho de São Bento

A small, 10.5 km long, pedestrian trail that lasts about 4 hours. It stretches along the southwest hillside of the Caldo River's valley. One may visit places o…

EM 535, Travassos

Trilho de Travassos

A rightly signaled pedestrian trail that is about 3.4 km long.

EN 307, Lagoa

Trilho Moinhos e Regadios Tradicionais

The Trilho dos Moinhos e Regadios Tradicionais (Tradiktional Mills and Watering Areas Trail) crosses the rural villages of Lagoa, Sequeirós and Pergoim. It is …

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What do do near Passeio de Barco na Albufeira da Caniçada