Steel and bronze sculpture, designed by Manuel Duckling and dated 1995.


Avenida do Tomino
4920-087,Vila Nova de Cerveira


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Monuments near Avé-Cristo

Atalaia / Bateria da Mata

Masonry wall of jagged granite blocks, connected with mortar, military, modern architecture. To highlight the fact that the battery be circular and have a moat…

Estação Arquelógica de Lovelhe

Fortified settlement proto-history, surrounded by a wall built on Earth, preceded by a moat, with the defensive system only partially preserved. Inside there a…

Forte de Lovelhe / Forte de São Francisco

Strong small pentagonal plant and composed of five jagged ramparts. Has no foundations, based directly on the ground. Its construction began in 1642 and 1663, …

Quinta do Forte

Civil architecture farm accommodation, revival and neoclassical pombalina, deployed in gentle slope soils. To enhance certain decorative details in Pombaline l…

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