Vila Nova de Poiares

The origin of the toponym Poiares is unclear. There are authors who believe that derives from the Latin word "podium" (high position); for others, the genesis of the word is "POO" (community oven for baking bread). The truth is that, in 1258, the Hostel of Poiares is mentioned. It is thought that has existed since ancient times, which was under the protection of King Sancho I and his wife, Dulce. After the administrative reform of 1836, Poiares municipality was constituted and elevated to a town in 1905, date from which came to be known as Vila Nova de Poiares. Currently, the village is small and evolves slowly. Agriculture and the raw material from the forest activity are the main occupations of its people. The industrial sector, mainly the one that leverages the pine and eucalyptus that abounds in the region, is the most expressive and the city has been struggling to implement this and other industries. In gastronomy, the chanfana, the rice of stomach are the most well known and distinguished. It is recalled that v. n. Poiares integrates the route of Chanfana. The "poiarito" is a sweet almond-based, with recent tradition, but which quickly spread to poiarenses. In the crafts, wheels and clay works are still.

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