The village of Alandroal, in the immediate vicinity of Guadiana Valley, owes its name to the existence of alandros or aloendros, this wood being a raw material for the local craftsmen, in that area. It is said that there was never an epidemic in Alandroal, which attracted a lot of people, including the Duke of Bragança, precisely because of the existence of vast forests with these bushes. The village is located at about 340 meters above sea level and received Carta de Foral in 1486 by Dom João II. The former municipalities of Terena and Juromenha were annexed to Alandroal municipality in the 19th century. The village of Villarreal, situated in the municipality of Olivenza (Spain), was a town of the former Juromenha county. The local cuisine includes migas (dish made with leftover bread) with pork, gazpacho, cation soup and lamb stew.

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