Time is scarce, the budget is tight and, for now, you still don't have the ubiquity superpower. If you can't decide between spending a few days in a big city and coordinating your biological rhythm with that of Mother Nature, we have good news: there are 20 villages near Porto that, in addition to being charming, are (in the worst case) 2 hours from Invicta city.

Discover these small wonders, stopped in time, and relax from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine. After a few intense days in the second-largest city in Portugal, where the offer for the visitor seems limitless, give in to the charms of one of the 20 villages near Porto and take a trip back in time. Get to know legends that don't appear in the history books. Observe fauna and flora species in their natural habitat. Go hiking, or try other activities, with incredible landscapes as a backdrop. Let yourself be enchanted by typical houses built in granite, shale or slate. Imagine how people used to live in the past, and let yourself be embraced by the hospitality of the local population. And, of course, don't forget to taste the most typical and genuine dishes from the North of Portugal.

All About Portugal suggests these 20 villages near Porto, explore them at a slow pace and without moderation!