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30 terraces not to be missed in Lisbon and Porto

With a beer or an ice cream, in the summer, no one can resist an afternoon well spent on a terrace with family or friends. All About Portugal shares 30 terraces that you will want to visit in Lisbon and Porto.


Enjoy the summer on the best rooftops in Lisbon and Porto

When we think of summer, we immediately think of beach and terraces, but this year we are going to raise the game and …

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Music in Porto: 10 mandatory stops for music lovers

Can't live without music… even (or especially) when you're on vacation? Portuguese musician Manuel Justo, from the band…

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Seven hotels that combine relaxation and Faith

Settle down in one of the accommodation we suggest you and enter another dimension, in an invigorating alliance between…

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Spring Break: the almond blossom route

The days grow longer, the temperature rises, and spring gives its first signs. Follow us through 10 destinations where …


Attractions in Porto: an itinerary to experience the city

.Porto, or “Invicta” as it is also known, has been voted the best European destination more than once. There are a lot …


The best cruises in the Douro

The cruises in the Douro are tours much sought-after by tourists, Portuguese, and foreigners, who want to get to know t…


How to pair Port Wine with your meals

Pairing of Port Wine with different foods can be an art. All About Portugal leaves you some tips, for you to embark on …


10 routes for a bike ride in the Douro

The Alto Douro Wine Region is a beautiful area and offers scenarios that are truly paradisiacal. Taking a bike ride in …

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What to see in Foz Côa: rock art, Nature and wines

All About Portugal has designed an itinerary with everything you should visit in Foz Côa. Without forgetting, of course…


Bridges in Porto: 6 architectural references on the Douro

The Douro Bridges Cruise is one of the most popular and exciting experiences that the “Invicta” city offers. Furthermor…


Restaurants with Take Away in Porto

There are several restaurants that, although the rooms are closed, are open to the public for take-out or home delivery…


National Road 222: The most romantic road in Portugal

With the Alto Douro Wine Region as company, embark on this romantic road trip on the EN222, considered one of the most …

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