National Road 222: The most romantic road in Portugal

With the Alto Douro Wine Region as company, embark on this romantic road trip on the EN222, considered one of the most …

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Roadtrip on EN2: Portugal from North to South in 4 Days

By motorcycle or car, there is a trip that will invoke your spirit of adventure or romance, and that you have to take a…


12 thermal spas and hot springs in Portugal to Improve Your Health and Well-being

Take advantage of the healing powers of the hot springs that abound throughout Portugal. As the old saying goes, a heal…

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Road trip in Alto Douro Wine Region: 10 vineyards and harvests to discover

Up to mid-October, there are special programmes for oenophiles, which include visits to traditional wine presses, tasti…

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Discovering the Historic Centre with Porto Deluxe

There is a world to discover just minutes away from Porto Deluxe. Visit the Historic Centre, drink the traditional Port…


The best river beaches in Northern Portugal

The offer of quality freshwater beaches is vast in the northern zone, which has truly charming and reinvigorating place…

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12 reasons to have your dream wedding in Portugal

We show you some of the idyllic scenarios to "say yes" to the love of your life, from north to south of the country.

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Road Trip with Douro views

Hit the road! There are about 260 kilometers of treasures to discover in the Douro.

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