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Costa do Vizir Beach Village & Spa

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Rua do Parque de Campismo
7520-437, Porto Covo


The campsite Costa of the Vizier, situated about 500 metres from the Praia Grande and Porto Covo, offers two areas for camping tents and caravans, as well as apartments for rent. This is definitely a great place for all beach lovers, nature and nautical activities such as sport fishing. The main points of interest are the Museum and Castle of Sines, among other attractions.

Lisboa Camping & Bungalows

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Estrada da Circunvalação
1400-061, Lisboa


This room, located in a wooded park with 900 hectares, benefits from the proximity of the city of Lisbon, revealing an authentic oasis where you can relax and enjoy the nature. Served by the main roads serving Lisbon, you can enjoy modern facilities, all to give you pleasant moments in direct contact with nature.

Parque de Campismo Orbitur - Foz do Arelho

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Rua Maldonado Freitas
2500-516, Foz do Arelho

Caldas da Rainha

The campsite of Foz do Arelho enjoys a splendid location, with access to the Lagoa de Óbidos and the beautiful local beaches. This space offers possibilities for accommodation for all tastes, from bungalows to smaller tents. Here are all the conditions to enjoy a quiet holiday in complete harmony with nature. To highlight the hiking and the historic center of Óbidos, which is just 12 miles from the Park.

Parque de Campismo Orbitur - São Pedro de Moel

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Rua Volta do Sete
2430-532, Marinha Grande

Marinha Grande

The campsite of São Pedro de Moel benefits from the proximity of beaches and the sea. Has all the conditions and facilities, such as bungalows, in order to offer accommodation according to your needs. Ideal as a starting point to do cycling or even walking while enjoying the scenery.

Lima Escape Camping & Glamping

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Parque de Campismo de Entre Ambos-os-Rios - Lugar da Igreja
4980-312, Ponte da Barca

Ponte da Barca

The campsite Between Both-os-Rios, located in albufeira of Touvedo, is characterized by intense vegetation and afforestation, with lots of shadows, giving campers pleasant moments. Offers Bar, recreation room, among other services, in order to provide ideal conditions for the practice of camping. Its main points of interest are the Roman bridge over the spaghetti incident, the Museum Centre of Between Both-os-Rios, the village of Germil and the Hermitage Museum.

Ermida Gerês Camping

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Lugar da Ermida, 295
4845-072, Vilar da Veiga

Terras de Bouro

Possui uma zona para tendas e outra com alvéolos para caravanas e auto-caravanas. Foi criado por montanhistas para montanhistas com atividades de montanha na Serra do Gerês. Localizado numa das últimas aldeias comunitárias de Portugal, visa também dar a conhecer usos e costumes ancestrais, tais como a transumância do gado, "vezeira", a "roda" das cabras, o "aviar" da água, bem como divulgar saborosas "noite no lagar" comunitário, onde todos podem participar no processo do azeite.

Alvão Village & Camping

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Lagoa da Falperra - EM555
5450-101, Vila Pouca de Aguiar

Vila Pouca de Aguiar

Próximo da Lagoa do Alvão, o Alvão Village & Camping apresenta uma vertente lúdica com áreas construídas inspiradas no mundo castrejo, bem como espaços para acampamento, numa lógica de disponibilização de serviços que valorizam o território e a comunidade. Dispõe de tendas, caravanas e autocaravanas. A Aldeia Rural integra 12 unidades de alojamento, restaurante, snack-bar, minimercado, piscinas para adultos e crianças, espaço multifunções e parque infantil.

Parque de Campismo Municipal de Idanha-a-Nova

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EN354-1, km 8 - Barragem de Idanha-a-Nova
6060-192, Idanha-a-Nova


The campsite of Idanha-a-Nova, located on the shore of the dam of Idanha, is a green space that offers all the conditions to enjoy the best that nature has to offer. Here you will find numerous sports and recreational activities, from water sports to hiking routes. Alternatively you have the possibility to visit the Centro Cultural Raiano, one of the many attractions that may get to know.

Vila Valverde Design Country Hotel

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Estrada da Praia da Luz
8600-209, Luz


Ancient farmhouse of the nineteenth century opened in 2004, recovered and transformed in Vila Valverde Design Country Hotel. Situated close to the beautiful Praia da Luz, the property saved in its 5 hectares, traditional trees and crops in the Algarve as the Orangery and the garden of biological culture. It has 15 rooms, with emphasis on the harmony of materials used: Slate, steel, wood and glass contribute to create a comfortable and relaxing environment with spacious, full of light. Vila Valverde Design Country Hotel breathes tranquillity and is part of a new way to enjoy the Algarve, which in addition …

Parque de Campismo Municipal de Arganil

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3300-432, Sarzedo


The Parque de Campismo de Arganil, located in Sarzedo, and near the river Alva, offers the ideal conditions to enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation in contact with nature. With countless amenities, also presents various possibilities for accommodation. You can still walk through the Centre of Arganil or pay a visit to the historic village of Piódão.

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