Amarante is distributed in about forty parishes, 18 of those located along the right bank of the Tâmega river and the others on the left bank of the same river. This closeness to the river makes the city attractive for lovers of fishing and nautical activities. The Serras do Marão and da Aboboleira, with its typical schist villages and diversified flora and fauna, are other points of interest for nature lovers. The historical and cultural heritage wealth is impressive: the monastery and the church of São Gonçalo, the churches of São Pedro and São Domingos, the Museu Amadeo de Souza Cardoso and the medieval bridge. In addition to these monuments, you will be able to find traces of the Romanesque style in several buildings along the streets: porticoes, arches and capitols, among others. Regarding gastronomy, we recommend the veal, the lamb or the Bacalhau à Zé da Calçada or à Custódia (codfish recipes), served with vinho verde of the region. For dessert, indulge in the conventual sweets, original from Santa Clara's convent: papos-de-anjo (sweets made with eggs, cinnamon, lemon and rum), foguetes (sweets filled with egg sauce), brisas do Tâmega (sweets made with almonds and Port wine and served in ship-like cookies), lérias (sweets made of water, brown sugar and almonds), among others.

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