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Geopark Naturtejo

  • leisure

Avenida Nuno Álvares, 30
6060-339, Castelo Branco

Castelo Branco

Integrated in one of the most important green spaces in Europe, the Tagus international natural park, the Geopark has one of the densest networks of footpaths, with several possible routes. In a geological context suggests the Route of fossils, in Penha Garcia, and the route of invasions, in Vila Velha de Ródão, among many others. Can choose the quietest hikes, but there's always offer extreme sports, as the slide or paintball. Enjoy the wonders of Termas de Monfortinho, Idanha-a-Nova, and of Fadagosa Nisa in or boat trips across the Tagus River.


  • leisure

Cais Fluvial do Seixal
2840, Seixal


Multifaceted space with water related attractions.

Visionarium - Centro de Ciência

  • leisure

Centro de Ciência do Europarque
4520-153, Santa Maria da Feira

Santa Maria da Feira

The Visionarium reveals the world of science in a simple way, especially to the youngest. It has rooms with names such as earth, matter, unieverse and life. The space has also an experimentarium, a room that is used for temporary exhibitions and surrounding gardens.

Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça

  • leisure

Rua Afonso de Albuquerque
2460-020, Alcobaça


A space that welcomes several different performances.

Adventure Park Pinhal da Paiã

  • leisure

Avenida Professor Francisco Sá Carneiro (Pinhal da Paiã)
1675, Pontinha


Situated in Pinhal da horse riding, the Park was created thinking of a different, healthy and sustainable activity for young people and their families. In contact with nature, who visit the new Park has the opportunity to experience radical activities and sports character, gathered in a space composed of different obstacles and barriers with routes between trees-rope bridges, Tarzan vines, slides with more than 200 meters long.

Casa do Penedo

  • leisure

Rua Rally de Portugal, 1610
4820-820, Várzea Cova


Conhecida como "a mais estranha do mundo", a Casa do Penedo localiza-se nas Serras de Fafe. Foi construída em 1974 para ser usada como casa de férias, estando perfeitamente integrada na paisagem. Construída quase inteiramente em rocha, desperta a curiosidade de muitos visitantes, que já podem optar por algumas experiências no local, como almoço ou visitas guiadas.

Kartódromo Serra da Estrela

  • leisure

EN231, km 38
6270-186, Seia


This space offers clues to go-karts, a disco bar and an area for sports. A great space for leisure, suitable for all ages.

Centro de Recuperação do Lobo Ibérico

  • leisure

Quinta da Murta
2665-150, Mafra


Inaugurated in 1987 by Grupo Lobo, this Center aims to provide a suitable environment for wolves that they cannot live in freedom and, at the same time, promote dissemination and awareness-raising actions to inform the public about the true nature of this animal. The visits should be pre-checked, by letter, fax, email or telephone. The groups should not exceed 25 people.

Aldeia Típica José Franco

  • leisure

EN116, 34
2640-401, Mafra


Thanks to the meticulous work of José Franco, it is possible to visit one of the "villages" the world's most important. Its particularity is to be small, full of details like the reproduction of an elementary school or the grocery store where you Helena serves a glass of wine.

Casino de Vilamoura

  • leisure

Praça do Casino Vilamoura
8126-908, Quarteira


The Vilamoura Casino is located in one of the major amusement centres in the Algarve. It has 350 slot machines, 20 gambling tables with baccarat, black jack and french and american roulettes. It also has a multipurpose room, the Royal room, that can be used as a conference room or as a restaurant. The Mira room, with a capacity for 550 people, features show every night.

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