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Centro Comercial Oita

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Avenida Doutor Lourenço Peixinho, 146
3800-160, Aveiro


This is one of the oldest shopping centres of Aveiro. Opened in 1983, it still works today. It has three floors and on the top floor you can find a cinema, which bets in self-governing cinema. It owns 41 shops and a catering área.

Comércio Tradicional da Póvoa de Varzim

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Largo Doutor David Alves
4490, Póvoa de Varzim

Póvoa de Varzim

This commercial area houses a wide variety of shops along the Doutor david Aires Square and the surrounding pedestrian streets. It is a rather attractive space.

Fórum Aveiro

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Rua do Batalhão de Caçadores 10
3810-064, Aveiro


This open air shopping centre is one of the attractions of Aveiro in what concerns the commercial area. Built at the city centre, it stands out for the possibility to enjoy all the comfort of a shopping centre while you take a calm walk by the Ria. Its commercial area has 1200m2, divided in two floors. The catering area is covered and heated during the winter.

Praça do Bocage

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Praça do Bocage
2900-214, Setúbal


This is a pleasant square, located in the centre of Setúbal, which owes its name to the local poet that you can see represented on a statue. Place of social intercourse for the people of the city, the shadows and the benches invite you to rest for a while and nice chat.

Centro Comercial Avenida

  • shopping

Avenida Sá da Bandeira, 33
3004-351, Coimbra


Galerias Toural

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Largo do Toural, 6-22
4810-427, Guimarães


Shopping Centre located in the city centre, with two floors and some 30 shops, a total of 960 m2.

Centro Comercial Duas Rosas

  • shopping

Avenida de Santa Marinha
4740-438, Esposende


Small shopping arcade with a single floor.

Centro Comercial Pedras Rubras

  • shopping

Rua Doutor António da Costa Maia, 124-154
4470-568, Moreira


A small mall with 1 floor.

Centro Comercial São Francisco Centro

  • shopping

Alameda São Dâmaso
4810-286, Guimarães


Modern shopping centre with two floors and several shops, including a supermarket.

Shopping Batalha

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Estrada Nacional 1 - Casal da Amieira
2400-200, Casal da Amieira


Modern shopping centre, with a extensive shopping area and only one floor.

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