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Galerias Pérola

  • shopping

Rua Luís António Duarte Santos
3030-403, Coimbra


Small commercial galleries with only a floor and 26 shops in a commercial area of 1788 m2.

Galeria Rossio

  • shopping

Rua João Mendonça, 23
3800-200, Aveiro


The Galeria Rossio is located in the area by the river which has the same name. With few stores, it has a typical confectionery and a play- saloon.

Edifício Checala

  • shopping

Praceta Bartolomeu Dias
2765-179, Estoril


A simple space with littlee diversity and few customers.

Galerias do Arnado

  • shopping

Rua João Ruão, 12
3000-229, Coimbra


Shopping Centre located in the city centre, about 60 stores spread out over two floors, in a commercial area of 3548 m2.

Jardim dos Arcos

  • shopping

Rua Belo Horizonte
2780-006, Oeiras


Commercial and residential space with various shops and a nice green space around.

Granja's Galeria

  • shopping

Rua Camilo Castelo Branco
4425, Águas Santas


A small gallery with two entrances and marble walls and floor. All shops are open.

Galerias Soares dos Reis

  • shopping

Rua Soares dos Reis, 83-101
4400-315, Vila Nova de Gaia

Vila Nova de Gaia

A mall located in the city centre. It has only one floor and a commercial area of 900 m2. It has 33 shops, restaurants included.

Galerias Soldouro

  • shopping

Avenida de Ovar
5050, Peso da Régua

Peso da Régua

Shopping Center with 2 floors and 15 stores. Is open between the 9:0 and 12:0 am.

Galerias Pirâmides

  • shopping

Avenida Visconde Barreiros
4470-151, Maia


A mall with one floor, no parking and a commercial area of 1602 m2. It has 19 shops and restaurants and it is located in the city centre.

Galerias Dona Leonor

  • shopping

Avenida José Costa Mealha
8100-501, Loulé


A mall with three floors, located in the town's centre. It has 44 shops and some restaurants. The shops close at 7 pm.

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