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Centro Comercial Duas Rosas

  • shopping

Avenida de Santa Marinha
4740-438, Esposende


Small shopping arcade with a single floor.

Centro Comercial Pedras Rubras

  • shopping

Rua Doutor António da Costa Maia, 124-154
4470-568, Moreira


A small mall with 1 floor.

Centro Comercial São Francisco Centro

  • shopping

Alameda São Dâmaso
4810-286, Guimarães


Modern shopping centre with two floors and several shops, including a supermarket.

Shopping Batalha

  • shopping

Estrada Nacional 1 - Casal da Amieira
2400-200, Casal da Amieira


Modern shopping centre, with a extensive shopping area and only one floor.

SolMar Avenida Center

  • shopping

Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, 71
9504-529, Ponta Delgada

Ponta Delgada

Space with five floors and about 60 stores and services trade. Includes restoration, a healthclub and two movie theaters.

Centro Comercial Dom Dinis

  • shopping

Avenida Fernão de Magalhães, 170
3000-177, Coimbra


Shopping Center with 60 shops spread out over four floors, a total shopping area of 1600 m2. Is located in the city centre.

Centro Comercial Maringá

  • shopping

Avenida Cidade de Maringá
2400-118, Leiria


Shopping Center with 2 floors, has a commercial area with 3500 m 2. Building built from scratch, with commercial and residential function. Has 148 stores and is located in the Centre expansion axes. With restaurants.

Glicínias Plaza

  • shopping

Rua Dom Manuel Barbuda e Vasconcelos
3810-498, Aveiro


This Shopping centre is at the Aveiro outskirts and was built as an option to the shopping centres right in the middle of Aveiro. It has a hypermarket and a large catering area. It also has what is maybe its bigger attraction: seven cinema rooms.

Centro Comercial Villa

  • shopping

Avenida Dom João IV, 1027
4810-225, Guimarães


Shopping Center with two storeys and 72 shops, a total of 2000 m2.

Centro Comercial Cristal Park

  • shopping

Rua Dom Manuel II, 81
4050-345, Porto


With 4 floors and a 7000m2 commercial area, this building has also a residential and office function from the beginning. Placed at the city centre, it owns 50 shops and a catering area.

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