Guimarães is well-known for being the birthplace of the Portuguese Nation or, as it also called, the "Crib Town", since Dom Afonso Henriques, the father of the Portuguese nation, was born here. In one of the old city wall towers you can even read “Aqui nasceu Portugal” ("Portugal was born here"). The historic and medieval center has been classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Here you can begin by scrolling through the characteristic alleys, lingering in the famous Largo da Oliveira, the heart of the city, where the Church of Nossa Senhora da Oliveira, the arcades, the pousada de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira and the ancient Paços do Concelho are located. It also has nice terraces, where the nightlife of Guimarães begins. Be sure to visit the castle of Guimarães of medieval construction and associated with the foundation of Portugal. City with a long cultural tradition, Guimarães has, nowadays, various cultural spaces, such as the Martins Sarmento Museum, the Museu Alberto Sampaio and the Centro Cultural Vila Flor. The area of Monte da Penha deserves undoubtedly a visit. Stroll through the forest in full contact with nature, visit Igreja da Penha, rest in one of the many terraces and enjoy the peace of this place. Also try riding the cable car that connects the city to Penha, boasting beautiful panoramic views over the entire city. On a gastronomic level, we recommend for you to taste the sardinha com bolo quente (sardines served with a hot cake), tortas de Guimarães (shell shaped sweets made with almonds and pumpkin jam), toucinho-do-céu (kind of almond cake), the papas de sarrabulho (porridge made with different types of meats and sausages) and rojões (snack made with pork meat cubes). One last note for two festivities that attract many tourists: the Gualterianas, which take place on the first weekend of August and are marked by the Cortejo do Linho (Linho Parade) and the Batalha das Flores (Flower Battle), and the Nicolinas, the students' party, taking place between November 29 and December 7 and which high moments are the Pinheiro and the Ceias Nicolinas.

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