Palácio Foz

The work began in 1777 and finished only one century later. It is a building with sober lines with influence of the Italian “new taste”.


Calçada da Glória, 9


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Monuments near Palácio Foz

Edifício do Teatro-Éden

The façade, with a dynamic game of volumes, expands symmetrically to a central body. Inside are worthy of notice the décor details.

Edifício do Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II

Located at the Rossio north side, the Teatro Dona Maria II was built in 1840 by the Italian architect Fortunato Lodi. The façade has six columns, brought from …

Estação do Rossio

This building, planed by the architect José Luís Monteiro, it presents a façade with two horseshoe moor arches. Between these arches is the Dom Sebastião statu…

Estátua de Dom Pedro IV

This huge bronze statue, by Germano José Sales, represents the king Pedro IV with a laurel wreath, holding the constitution that replaced the former one in 182…

Igreja de São Domingos

Founded in the XIII century, it suffered several improvements. Inside are worthy of notice the giant columns and the polychromy of its marbles. It is the large…

Obelisco dos Restauradores

Located at the Praça dos Restauradores, it was built in 1886, pay homage to those who died during the Restauração War. The Bronze figures on the pedestal symbo…

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