The municipality of Mafra is part of Lisbon's district and is composed of 17 parishes. It is known that the county has been occupied since at least the Neolithic and Paleolithic, of which memories were kept and of which invasions, achievements and reconquests are also part. The construction of Mafra's convent is one of the most striking events of the municipality, since it worked as a main residence for D. João V and D. Carlota Joaquina. It was completed in 1744. One of the adjectives that can characterize the county is diversity, because Mafra has different types of attractions: architectural heritage, archaeological sites, beaches and green spaces. These attractions are the genesis of the local economy, which joins tourism, trade, agriculture and some industries. The regional gastronomy, from which one cannot separate the Ericeira area, the crafts, festivals and fairs are present across the county. In the case of crafts, and despite these being endangered activities, it is still possible to discover artisans specialized in pottery, basketry, tinsmiths and cooperage.

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