Marinha Grande

Situated on the coast of the central region of Portugal, in Leiria district, the municipality of Marinha Grande has a landscape marked by the trilogy pine forest, stream and ocean. Two-thirds of its territory is covered by Rei pine forest, also known as the pinhal de Leiria or Mata de Leiria. D. Dinis ordered its plantation and it is now considered the largest pinus pinaster massif of the country. The pine forest has grown, was explored and organized for over 700 years, being the main source of natural resources. It triggered the arising of most of the settlements that exist today in its vicinity. The abundance of raw materials and fuel contributed to the emergence of industries linked to the sawmill, to the extraction and transformation of resin products, and to the glass production. The installation of the Real Fábrica de Vidro da Marinha Grande (Royal Glass Factory of Marinha Grande), in 1974, was the great development force of the municipality. Marinha Grande is currently considered the city of the Glass. Apart from the Pinhal de Leiria, there are also other rich natural landscapes extending to the coastal area, with long sandy beaches, much sought after in the bathing season. Gastronomy and regional sweets are available for tasting in the various restaurants. The licor de leite (milk liquor), bolo de pinhão (pinion cookies) and enfiadas de pinhão are some of the local delicacies.

Best Of Marinha Grande

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