Campo de Ténis da Nazaré

A set of tennis courts with tartan pavement, benches and lights.


Rua Maria Carvalho


  • Tennis courts

Sports near Campo de Ténis da Nazaré

Campo de Ténis de C.H.E - Lar da Nazaré

Tennis Court with tartan flooring and fencing.

Circuito de Manutenção de Nossa Senhora da Nazaré

Circuit with several steps, each corresponding to a physical exercise, inserted in the pine forests of Nazareth.

Circuito de Manutenção do Bairro do Rio Novo

Ample green space with various plastic and wood structures newest paw. It also has a circuit with various exercises, which are located throughout the Park.

Complexo Desportivo da Nazaré

Refurbished Stadium, with good conditions for the practice of activities such as football and athletics. The hotel stands with capacity for 3,000 people, spas,…

Parque Radical da Nazaré

Skate Park outside with cement floors, several ramps and lighting.

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