Canhão da Nazaré

The submarine Valley known as Cannon or Cana da Nazaré is the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world. Cutting the continental shelf with a direction of EW, sensibly, extends for more than 170 km in length and reaches a depth of more than 5000 meters in the abyssal plain where this Cannon empties. This spectacular geomorphological, tectonic origin accident related to the failure of Nazareth-Pombal, begins to set around 500 yards from the shore. This underwater Canyon causes large changes in the coastal sedimentary transit level, since this is an authentic Valley sinkhole for sediments from littoral drift, North, hence the absence of large stretches of sand on the beaches south of Nazareth. The cannon of the Nazareth generates the surging to the surface of waters rich in nutrients and plankton, allowing the presence of a fauna very rich in species of commercial interest.




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Natural Resources near Canhão da Nazaré

Lagoa de Valado de Frades

A small lagoon in the dense pine woods of Leiria, by Valado dos Frades. A little known refuge where one may cool down in perfect peace.

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