The municipality of Peniche is divided into two distinct areas: a peninsula and another formed by Berlengas. This consists of three groups of islets. The history of this municipality is extensive and full of events. Due to the privileged geographic position it occupies, since early that Peniche has become a strategic centre of the fishing and mercantile activity. Fishing and agriculture are, still today, the main economic activities of the municipality, without forgetting the tourism. Currently, thanks to the commitment of the city and its people, it is possible to integrate a set of activities that give the history of the County, without forgetting the magnificent beaches that attract vacationers and especially surfers, who here find accommodation and schools to the practice of this sport. In the peninsular, it is recommended the passage through Papoa, at Cabo Carvoeiro, places filled with leafy, idyllic places, belvederes and marine species, without forgetting Peniche and what it preserves; the Berlengas, which is 15 kilometres from Peniche, are authentic wonders: clear water, exotic plants, a marine avifauna and other underwater beyond the "Bairro dos Pescadores", the only remaining fishing community on the island, fortresses and other monuments. In addition, handicraft and gastronomy are two more strengths of this municipality. The "rendas de bilros" are famous, but there are still artisans who work stones of limestone, wood (alluding to surfing), fabric, pottery and painting. In gastronomy, the fish is of course the main ingredient. The "caldeirada de Peniche" (stew served in the same pan in which it was cooked without having been touched), "lagosta suada à moda de Peniche" (lobster) and the grilled sardines are very requested. In pastry, the "Pastéis de Peniche", the "Amigos de Peniche" and the almond cookies called "esses" are the Ex-Libris.

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